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Estrogen balance and imbalance symptoms

Estrogen effects are good and bad; too much and the imbalance is one way while too little causes a host of other symptoms and diseases.  The effects of estrogen imbalance on hormones and other parts of the body are many.  Below we have listed some of the effects of estrogen and their counterparts of too much or too little.  Progesterone plays a huge part how balanced estrogen is.

Estrogen is a lovely hormone when it is in balance with progesterone, testosterone and other hormones which are naturally manufactured in the body.

When you are pregnant you hope that estrogen will create a thick uterine lining for the sake of creating a pillow like nest for your newly developing baby.  But when there is excess estrogen being produced what you get is hemorrhaging, not enough and you don’t produce a placenta to nourish baby.  Too little estrogen and not uterine lining.

Estrogen in the correct balance stimulates the breast and grows them but cystic breasts come from an over production of estrogen.

Estrogen regulates body fat is not what we are usually hoping for but our hormones live in fat and therefore it is necessary for the correct amount of body fat the body needs. Too much or too little estrogen can cause weight gain.

Again within balance estrogen balances salt and fluid retention needed for tissue health but with overproduction or retention of estrogen comes water retention and potassium imbalance which will affect delicate balance needed for kidneys and other organs.

One symptom more popularly known is how estrogen can interfere with thyroid hormone production and a reduced thyroid function and slow metabolism may result.  When in balance, estrogen will regulate thyroid hormones.

Estrogen increases blood clotting at a normal rate without interfering with blood flow.  Increases beyond the norm can cause heart attack and stroke by the thickening of the blood rather than just the clotting when needed.

Since estrogen balances testosterone to some effect it makes sense that it would decrease sex drive to a healthy level but estrogen in excess or even when very low will diminish sex drive.  When estrogen is at a proper level you will find you have a healthy active sexual interest and the bodily fluids necessary.

A correct balance will control blood sugar levels but  improper use of glucose comes from imbalance and hyper or hypothyroid will result with too much or too little.

Estrogen regulates zinc and copper.  Too much and copper will be high.  Excess estrogen reduces oxygen levels in all cells which impairs blood circulation of minerals.

Since estrogen regulates blood flow, an excess with increases risk of uterine cancer, cervical cancer, the risk  of breast cancer etc.

Estrogen is responsible for the osteoclast (bone healing) function and when out of balance bones will continue to break down without being replaced by osteoblasts.  Osteoblasts come from proper progesterone  balance.

Vascular tone is aided by estrogen which means that it is responsible for veins remaining strong.  Too little estrogen and capillary fragility; too much and and there is a reduction in vascular tone leading to the softening of tissue thus impairing organ use and heart function.

Since estrogen adds in fat metabolism, excess with increase the  risk of gallbladder disease and deficiency can lead to gallstones.

Excess estrogen increases risk of autoimmune disorders which is basically the immune system turning on itself.

Please consider that all of these effects of estrogen are in and of themselves not a problem but when estrogen is out of balance with progesterone these estrogen effects will wreak havoc on the endocrine system.

Remember that estrogen dominance means that estrogen and progesterone are out of balance and estrogen is “more” out of balance.

It is all about estrogen ladies and how it dominates the hormonal cycle.

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