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Estrogen Dominance and Diet

While genetics may play a part in it, Estrogen Dominance and Diet (lifestyle) seems to be the biggest culprit to our experiencing hormonal imbalance.  A diet that consists of refined white flour and sugar, high fat and low fiber, artificial sweeteners and food colorings, as well as lack of exercise, can all promote metabolic irregularities that can lead to other problems such as insulin resistance, obesity, digestive issues, and cardiovascular disease.

Stress also plays a major role in the over production of estrogen by triggering excess release of cortisol, which causes an interruption of communication between the brain, the pituitary gland, and the ovaries that regulate the hormones.  Stress is not only in the relationship arena but also in the dietary stress you put on the liver and other organs.  Fatty liver is a main factor in Estrogen Dominance and Diet.  Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse is formulated to clear the liver of excess fatty deposits.  This allows the body to repair the damage which brought on the Estrogen Dominance.

All this to say that making some good dietary changes, finding ways to alleviate your stress and cleanse and detox are a great place to start the battle against estrogen dominance.  Remember that balancing progesterone is key to helping to bring your hormones back into a healthy balance.    If you have been stressing your hormones for some time and believe you might have adrenal burnout of adrenal fatigue read more about Adrenal Care.

Good hormonal balance translates into increased energy, increased libido, the ability to control your weight, a youthful appearance and just an overall sense of well-being.

No one wants to experience the uncomfortable and disruptive symptoms of estrogen or progesterone imbalance.  Estrogen Dominance and Diet can play an very important role to restoring balance in your life.

Let me suggest a great movie called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.”  It changed my life and that of millions of others.  It is free to watch online and on Netflix.  Let Joe tell you how to

Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen dominance and estrogen imbalance

Not having adequate progesterone levels to balance the level of estrogen is known as estrogen dominance. Typically women in the peri-menopause or menopause phase of life will experience this to a greater degree as progesterone naturally decreases.

Estrogen imbalance happens when estrogen is dominant.  Do not misunderstand. This does not mean that you have an excess of estrogen (though it can be that you do as well) but it means that estrogen is higher than normal proportions to other hormones.  Generally speaking progesterone is usually out of balance with estrogen; but testosterone can be as well.

At around the time of pre or peri-menopause, women begin to experience the effects of estrogen imbalance due to diminishing levels of estrogens in the bloodstream.  Part of this is due to the fact that declining fertility also means a decline in estrogen, which came from maturing follicles in the early part of the menstrual cycle.

When progesterone drops to a lower than normal level your body will experience the symptoms of Estrogen Dominance. These symptoms can be uncomfortable and interfere with your quality of life. You do not have to put up with that.  Among other strategies, using a natural progesterone cream increases levels of progesterone in your system and thus keeps estrogen to manageable levels. Thus your hormones seek balance.

High levels of estrogen are not what is meant by Estrogen Dominance.  Estrogen which is unopposed by progesterone manifest the symptoms of estrogen imbalance. It is because of the lowered / unopposed progesterone levels that many benefit from using a natural progesterone cream.  Cold-pressed Cycle Balance Cream or Cycle Balance Cream PLUS (formulated with hormone balancing herbs) are two such creams.

Estrogen Dominance and Diet

Estrogen Dominance and Menopause


Estrogen Dominance and Menopause

Estrogen Dominance and Menopause do not have to shake hands but most often do, in industrialized countries.

See if any of these are familiar:

  • Hot flashes AKA hot flush. Sporatic rushes of heat and perspiration, often accompanied by chills.  Many women experience these at a high rate during the night.  Liver cleansing has been very helpful as well the use of natural progesterone cream.  For some, an estriol creme – used as necessary – can alleviate the hot flashes and other effects.
  • Vaginal dryness is also very common with aging after menopause. The vagina becomes less elastic and pliable, vaginal walls become dryer, capillaries become more fragile and sex becomes more painful and less enjoyable.  Again, natural estriol has been very helpful for this concern and estriol oil can be applied right to the vaginal wall.
  • As dryness continues, for many many women, the onset and recurrence of vaginal and urinary tract infections becomes a regular concern.  This is common around 4 or more years post-menstruation; beyond the last menstrual cycle.  Symptoms are similar to those a man experiences with enlarged prostate; urgency to urinate, trickling (needing to go small amounts often) or not being able to urinate but having the feeling of needing to.
  • Headaches and migraines are often a signal of the onset of menopause – or the effects of estrogen imbalance.
  • Since the effects of estrogen imbalance include a dryness in the body, it makes sense that dry mouth, eyes and skin appear.
  • Poor memory, tenderness in the breast, tiredness and sleeplessness; insomnia.
  • Memory may become altered as well as poor concentration.
  • Heart palpitations and anxiety and last but not least a waning interest in sex.  Statistics continually show Women to be close to 50% more likely to have a heart attack after menopause.  Dr. Lee’s writings have spoken for years about the importance of progesterone cream after menopause to calm the heart.

There are many other symptoms of estrogen dominance and menopause but these are the most common.

Most natural enthusiasts will suggest natural progesterone, a liver cleansing supplement like milk thistle, dietary and lifestyle changes and exercise.   Read more about Estrogen Dominance and Diet.




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